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Services & Descriptions

DreadNAS – A Portal for DreadNAS solutions. My “Network Attached Storage” server

Drive – A Dropbox / Google Drive Replacement

File Station / Friendshare – Where you can store, access, and share files

NoteStation – A Evernote / OneNote Replacement

AudioStation – A Music Hosting Solution

Download Station – Download files directly to the DreadNAS, over an anonymous encrypted VPN tunnel. Includes Direct URLs, and/or Torrents

Bitwarden – A LastPass / Password Manager Replacement

Element Our Secure Chat Solution

Snipe-IT – Inventory Management Software Solution. For knowing what you have, where you have it, etc.

OpenVPN – Direct VPN access to my network, including secure access to Virtual Machines (VMs)

HyperV VM Servers – Dedicated Servers for any purpose.