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Services & Descriptions

DreadNAS – A Portal for DreadNAS solutions. My “Network Attached Storage” server

Drive – A Dropbox / Google Drive Replacement

File Station / Friendshare – Where you can store, access, and share files

NoteStation – A Evernote / OneNote Replacement

AudioStation – A Music Hosting Solution

Download Station – Download files directly to the DreadNAS, over an anonymous encrypted VPN tunnel. Includes Direct URLs, and/or Torrents

Bitwarden – A LastPass / Password Manager Replacement

Element – Our Secure Chat Solution

5D Services Video Chat – Video Conferencing

Snipe-IT – Inventory Management Software Solution. For knowing what you have, where you have it, etc.

WeKan – Open-Source kanban Project Management tool, like a self-hosted Trello.

Wireguard – Fifthdread’s VPN access to my network, including secure access to Virtual Machines (VMs)

HyperV VM Servers – Dedicated Servers for any purpose.

Are you a friend just getting started?

Awesome. First, you want to get setup on Element, our Chat solution. Reach out to me for details!

Second, you’ll want to consider some of my favorite services. I personally HIGHLY recommend you use Bitwarden, my self-hosted password manager. It’s as powerful as any of your big player password managers out there, and it’s completely free if you use my server. (I don’t have access to your passwords either- it’s all highly encrypted) If you aren’t using a password manager yet, NOW IS THE TIME. I literally will walk you through every step of the way- it’s that good, and I really want people using password managers. It supports auto-fill, has apps, browser extensions, auto-fill, two factor authentication, etc. It’s basically 1000% worth.

Consider taking advantage of my file server. Maybe you’d like to replace Google Drive, Dropbox, or a similar service? Synology Drive may be of interest to you. It has the same functionality as other solutions, like apps, auto sync with different clients, etc… Best of all, your storage only runs out when my drives get full. No worrying about storage limits, unless we are talking TB of data.

Synology Note Station is useful if you need a central location for your notes. I use it in place of Evernote and OneNote, just to keep my data out of the hands of the big players like Microsoft / Google. My data is my own!

I got a lot of stuff. I mean, a lot. I have storage containers full of stuff that I want to keep, but WOW does it suck looking through them when I need something. That’s where Snipe-IT comes in. It’s an inventory software I self host. I literally inventoried all of my storage containers so now I know exactly how many 12v AC-DC power supplies I have. More than 5, I can tell you that. I also know they are in Container 3, Power Supply Bag 2.