FifthCraft Patch Notes 1.2.1a

FifthCraft Patch Notes 1.2.1a

Quick FIfthCraft Server Patch notes. There have been some server side changes that I want to discuss, and you will not need to update beyond 1.2.1 as of now.

When we updated to 1.2.0, we added Cyclic and some other mods. Cyclic specifically has issues related to any of the mod’s machines which use energy, so the recent server patch disables crafting of all Cyclic machines.

Not all hope is lost though. Cyclic adds some cool stuff which we want to keep in the game, so many of the items have had their recipes changed, or are now available inside the “Admin Item Shop” for in-game currency.

Server Economy

If you hadn’t noticed, we added a currency system with a previous patch. Currently, just by playing the game you generate $2 every 10 minutes, and you can sell certain ingots to the Admin Item Shop located at Chad’s Tower.

Admin Item Shop – North East of World Spawn. You can’t miss it.

At the Admin Shop, you can also buy some of the Cyclic items, including “Build Wand” like items such as the Item Placer, Item Exchanger, and Item Randomizer. Prices for these items are not set in stone, but we want to incentivize people to engage with the world economy, which means prices will go up!

Location of the Admin Item Shop / Chad’s Towers

Speaking of economy, players can now buy and sell items using a Vending Machine.

Use the vending machine to sell items to other players.

Vending machines let you put 64 of an item up for sale. Chad and I have already made our own personal shops. Come check them out sometime!

Fifth / Pluma’s Item shop! Located down the hill from the main building- follow the road!
Inside of Fifth / Pluma’s Item Shop!
Chad’s Item Shop, located near Chad’s Towers

If you didn’t know, Tyler plays a little differently. He has a mobile home in the form of a tent. It works like a pocket dimension. For him, he could put vending machines inside his house and become a true traveling merchant!

Tyler’s Traveling Caravan

Recipe Changes

Pig fat is now craftable. The recipe used to overlap with Bacon… lol

Various fluid buckets are now craftable, such as:

  • Slime Bucket
  • Magma Bucket
  • Honey Bucket
  • Biomass Bucket
  • Experience Bucket

If you find any other strange recipe overlaps, please let me know!

Thanks for reading my patch notes! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, hit me up in the chat. Thanks for playing FifthCraft!