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Fifthdread Services

I value secure and private self-hosted solutions which empower me to keep my data well… private and secure.
I put in the work so I could use these solutions myself, so I may as well offer them to my friends.


Self-Hosted Services

Through the power of my custom-built servers, virtualization, and NAS solution, I can replace almost any service, self hosted. This means limiting my reliance on the tech giants. I have carefully selected services which offer functionality, security, and privacy, while enabling me to self-host as much as possible.

Server Rack

Fifthdread’s Vision

While it’s easier to use Discord, Facebook, etc- Their services aren’t truly free. Your data, along with advertisements to you, make them money. They don’t have your best interests in mind. I want to self-host replacements for all these services- not only because it’s more secure and keeps your data safe, but because it’s fun! As a Cyber Security Professional, being able to have more control over my data is satisfying.

Privacy - Ensured

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th Dread
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